Years before he devastated Wisconsin by brutally murdering 16 boys and in the area, and one other on Ohio, showed signs of violence and schizophrenia. He was an aggressive child with combative parents, but what he became as an adult was worse than anyone could have imagined.

REELZ’s docuseries, Jeffrey Dahmer: Killer Cannibal, looks back at the serial killer’s troubled upbringing, and at his life as a professional murderer.

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Due to his likable persona, Dahmer quite literally got away with murder. The ruthless criminal committed his killings between 1978 and 1991, and it was not until a boy escaped from him that he was investigated and arrested.

Jeffrey Dahmer Kept Heads Of Men He Killed In His Apartment

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When investigators finally found his home, the infamous #213, they found the stuff of nightmares.

In the bedroom, they saw a stack of Polaroids, pictures of partially-dressed men, some handcuffed, and others who appeared to be sleeping. But as they continued looking, they discovered something much more horrendous.

“He opens the door, investigates, pokes around, sees a few packages of things carefully wrapped up, but once he opens the bottom drawer, and sees inside a box, and discovers there’s a human head looking right at him,” says crime writer Shirley Lynn Scott in the clip, speaking of an investigator.

“He is shocked beyond belief. He’s never seen anything like this, I don’t think anyone really has,” adds Scott.

Jeffrey Dahmer: Killer Cannibal airs Sunday, September 12th at 8 ET / 5 PT on REELZ.