Who would have thought a television would be the one to save your life? That’s exactly what happened when Minnie John fainted and hit her head on a rock while hiking in ’s Arches National Park.

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The New Jersey native was hiking on August 2nd with her son and husband when she began to feel dizzy. She told her to go ahead and she would catch up after resting, but unfortunately, she didn’t get the chance before she fainted and hit her nose on a rock.

What could have been a tragedy turned into a moment to remember when John was discovered by none other than Modern Family star Julie Bowen who was hiking the same with her sister Annie, who also happens to be a doctor.

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According to John, who posted about her remarkable rescue on Facebook, “All I remember is sitting there with my head in my hands secure on the rock. Next thing I hear someone with a familiar voice kept asking me questions. I wondered if I might be watching TV.”

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“My eyes were closed and they said I will be fine and they were cleaning my face and bandaging me up. I heard that familiar voice saying I’m going to be okay, a doctor is cleaning me up.”

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She added, “After so many more questions and sticking gooey things in my mouth, giving me electrolytes, they lifted me up as I opened my eyes and set me back on that rock, that face looked so familiar again and I asked her again if I knew her or was she famous and the doctor said yes.”

The story continued, saying that the star then took her hair tie off and shook out her hair to make herself more easy to recognize. “Her sister the doctor asked me to guess and I told her I just hit my head, I can’t remember. She said, smiling, Family, and I said of course! I told her she was so beautiful.”

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After tending to John’s injuries, flagged down other hikers who ran ahead to inform her family of what happened. “Such wonderful men and women, selflessly giving of themselves,” John wrote of those that came to her aide. “God bless them!”

Meanwhile, Bowen has made no mention of her good Samaritan deed. Although the actress did share on Instagram intimate photos of her family riding ATV’s and hiking near the national park where the rescue took place with the caption, “Final Moab photo dump. What a great (filthy) trip!!”.