Disgraced comic and former sitcom star Bill Cosby wants the state of Pennsylvania to pay following the overturning of his conviction and early prison release due to a legal technicality.

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, 83, admitted during a civil lawsuit deposition that he was indeed guilty of the crimes he would eventually go to prison for, but The Cosby Show star’s attorneys feel he’s owed money for having spent anytime behind bars at all.

The once beloved actor served only 2 of a 3 to 10 year sentence for sexual assault, and now believes he was “wrongfully incarcerated”.

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The lawsuit is just another headline in the shocking saga that has no winners. Last week the Pennsylvania Supreme Court tossed out the comic’s conviction based on a technicality.

The state’s District Attorney Kevin Steele now has a lot of explaining to do for violating an old civil suit agreement to not charge Cosby for his crimes even though he freely admitted he was guilty.

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It is purported that knowing he could one day be charged with sex-related crimes, Cosby made a questionable deal in 2005 with the then District Attorney Bruce Castor.

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“We are looking at all those things right now,” Cosby’s Andrew Wyatt said during an appearance on The Domenic Nati Show, when asked if there would be a lawsuit. “We are looking at what recourse, what legal recourse we can take against the state of Pennyslvania.”

Wyatt also made the point that a lawsuit would mean a great deal of money in damages for Cosby. “He’s owed money. It’s a lot of owed money. Our attorneys are filing the paperwork now. [Cosby] is owed a lot of money.” he said to Nati. Exactly how much money is owed is still not clear, but Wyatt hinted it may be “A couple hundred grand.”

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Wyatt didn’t stop there. He told Nati that he’s “really torn” and went as far as to say he does believe the man that was once known as “America’s Dad” is indeed guilty of the crimes he was charged with, but later appears to do a 360 and describes the probe into Cosby “the greatest Ocean’s Eleven extortion scheme led by Gloria Allred and [daughter] Lisa Bloom.”

Wyatt than compares the rape and assault allegations against Cosby to a case that was really “about money.” After Wyatt made his comments, Bloom went on Fox News and threatened to sue him for defamation.

“We already scored one spectacular win against Cosby in our defamation litigation after another of his reps spoke recklessly. Shall we file another,” she told the cable news network.