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The luxurious getaway was approved by the judge after they petitioned the court for the much needed holiday. The former jailbirds appeared ready for some relaxation with , 56, in a straw hat and matching shoulder bag, while , 57, sported dark shades and a white ball cap.

post prison tans lori loughlin and mossimo giannulli suffer through probation by jetting off to mexico couples tans jail crime

Source: Mega

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Prison shame doesn’t seem to be hampering the couple’s lust for travel. In April, they were spotted chilling at the Madison Club — one of the most exclusive country clubs in the world — in La Quinta, California.

Despite their conviction, public humiliation and resulting two years of supervised probation, Loughlin and Giannulli were lucky and did not have to serve the full length of their respective sentences. Loughlin spent only two months behind bars in a federal detention center in Dublin, California, and was released in December.

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Meanwhile, Giannulli was allowed to serve the last two weeks of his five-month sentence under house arrest and was officially released on April 16, a day ahead of his scheduled release date.

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The celebrity felons pled guilty in 2020 to separate counts of conspiracy to commit wire and mail fraud for paying a hefty half-million dollars to get their daughters – Olivia Jade Giannulli, 21, and Isabella “Bella” Rose Giannulli, 22 – into the University of Southern California by lying about their daughters’ extracurriculars.

It has been reported that post jail sentences, Loughlin and Giannulli are considering leaving the West coast for a bit more time out of the lime light, and may even head to Idaho to work on their marriage.

Also trying to move on from the whole fiasco surrounding her parents is Olivia Jade who recently returned to her vlog in January after taking a year off following her parents’ shocking arrests.