Following months of media silence, Meghan Markle‘s father, Thomas Markle, decided to speak out in an interview with 60 Minutes Australia.

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When asked why he chose now to talk with the news program, said simply, “because I have things to say,” and he definitely had a few choice words when it came to Oprah Winfrey.

oprah winfrey is playing harry and meghan thomas markle accuses oprah of taking advantage

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Clearly prepared, Markle, 76, did not need any prompting from the interviewer to bring up what he really thought about the superstar TV host. “I think Winfrey is playing Harry and Meghan,” he commented regarding her intentions surrounding the recent and future planned bombshell interviews with Prince Harry.

“I think she’s using them to build her network and build her new show, and I think she’s taking of a very weakened man and getting him to say things that you just shouldn’t be saying on television.”

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Source: 60MinutesAustralia/Twitter

The man, who has admitted to being estranged from his daughter, Meghan Markle, went on, “Now, she’ll disagree, of course, and she might even sue me. I don’t care,” he added, referring to Winfrey. “But the bottom line is it seems to me she’s working Harry.”

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As OK! previously reported, Thomas came clean in March about what has widely been labeled as the “betrayal” of his daughter’s trust.

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Meghan, 39, hasn’t spoken to her father since the staged photos were taken ahead of her 2018 wedding. Though he was invited, he did not attend the May ceremony at St. George’s Chapel in Windsor Castle, attributing his notable absence to a recent heart surgery.

Though Thomas said he apologized “at least 100 times or so,” he remains estranged from his youngest daughter — but said he “would have been there” for Meghan had he known about her mental health struggles during her time as a senior member.