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“Olympia Dukakis Was an Amazing,Academy Award Winning  Actress.Olympia Played My Mom In Moonstruck,& Even Though Her Part wasThat Of a Suffering Wife, WeFace with tears of joyALL The Time.She Would Tell Me How MUCH She Loved Louis,Her’Handsome Talented,Husband’.I Talked To Her 3Wks Ago. Rip Dear One,” the 74-year-old captioned a series of pictures of Dukakis with her late husband  Louis Zorich

“every scene between the two of you in moonstruck is wonderful! the mother/daughter chemistry you had with her was incredible may she rest in peace,” one fan replied. 

olympia dukakis dead  cher viola davis tribute

Source: MEGA

“Your and her performance were absolutely perfect in Moonstruck!” a third gushed. 

Dukakis’ death was announced on Saturday, May 1, by her brother, Apollo. She was 89.

“My beloved sister, Olympia Dukakis, passed away this morning in New York City. After many months of failing health she is finally at peace and with her Louis,” Apollo wrote, but did not share the cause of death or heath issues. 

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Sally Field

“What can I say but I loved her? Everyone loved her. She was a gift..unique and talented and one of a kind. Rest in peace my friend Olympia,” Dukakis’ Steel Magnolias costar Sally Field wrote. 

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The Academy

The Academy Awards recalled the “warmth, humor and wit” Dukakis brought to her performances. 

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George Takei

Star Trek actor George Takei recalled “what a life force” Dukakis was. 

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Kirstie Alley

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Alex Winter

Alex Winter paid tribute to his “old Montclair neighbor, beautiful artist and co-founder of the Whole Theather company.”

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Michael McKean

Michael McKean said Dukakis was “a great actress” with “clarity and humor.”