The battle still rages on! Sharon Osbourne will not go down without a fight as continues to investigate claims of racism on The Talk.

Things on the popular daytime talker took a sharp turn after recently came to the defense of pal Piers Morgan, who said he did not believe “a word” of what Meghan Markle claimed during her and Prince Harry’s bombshell interview with Oprah Winfrey. Osbourne’s stance quickly sparked outrage from viewers and even triggered an on-air spat with Elaine Welteroth and Sheryl Underwood

A number of racially charged allegations then came out about Osbourne.

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With her job at The in jeopardy — Osbourne even said in a recent interview that she is unsure what the future holds — insiders are now saying that if the host does, in fact, get the , she won’t leave empty-handed.

“The network will have to pay her a to keep her quiet after this,” a source said. 

“She could write a book, she would do a world of interviews. She knows where all the bodies are buried.”


Showrunners and executive producers Heather Gray and Kristin Matthews might even have to take some of the blame, as Osbourne has vehemently claimed she was not properly told about how the conversation would go down ahead of the show. 

“They blew it. Not preparing was a fatal mistake. It has destroyed the show,” another insider said. 

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“The staff is waiting for the announcement that Sharon is done, but meanwhile they are still all pointing fingers

“Both Elaine and Sheryl were made aware 30-35 minutes [before going on air] that there was an executive decision to make it a [longer] conversation and they were told Sharon knew.”

“CBS is very unhappy that Sharon has concocted a story saying that all of this is personal retaliation on her for defending Piers because CBS was the home of the Meghan Markle interview,” a third source added.

“The implication is that CBS was trying to protect their investment in the [Harry and Meghan] interview and tried to make her the martyr, [and that] is not helping her at the network. It’s so far-fetched. Sharon is in this predicament because of her actions and nothing more. It’s ultimately going to compromise whatever happens to her in the future.”

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Former host Holly Robinson Peete claimed that Osbourne said she was “too ghetto.” 

Osbourne has since denied the allegations, calling them “crap.” 

“Being accused of racism is no joke. Now they get their sweet revenge. I can’t even address it because it’s kids in a schoolyard. Coming out with stupid, childish comments, it’s like really? That’s all you’ve got?” Osbourne told the Daily Mail