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“@emmahemingwillis: I #SeeHer as family who I am honored to call a friend. Our children are sisters and yet there is no name for what our family connection is to one another. We are mothers united, sisters bonded on this crazy adventure of life,” she wrote

“Emma is a beautiful mother dedicated to her family, an absolutely gorgeous woman and now she can add business entrepreneur to her resume,” she added. “She carved a path quietly on her own to create @cocobabaofficial, launching the first body skincare products for woman to mother themselves! We all need that! Her drive, determination and passion is uplifting and the woman that she is absolutely inspiring.” 

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Moore and the 65-year-old have remained friendly since their 2000 divorce and even quarantined together as a blended family last year. 

“There’s been a lot of challenges and tragedies with the pandemic but I also think there’s been a lot of gifts and blessings,” the Golden Globe nominee revealed when she made a guest appearance on Naomi Campbell’s podcast last month. “I personally felt like I was really grateful for things slowing down and the time that we had.

“It worked out that came and spent time with us and then his current wife and their small daughters joined a little bit later when the kids were finished with school. It was really a blessing,” she continued. 

“It’s everything that’s come forward has allowed us to reevaluate what’s important and what needs attention that has been overlooked and neglected. It was amazing,” she said. “My girls love their little sisters. Our family, regardless what the shape is, it’s important to keep together.”