Moving on! Former Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos’ ex-wife, has re-married following their expensive 2019 divorce.

Scott wed Dan Jewett who is a from a private school but it is unclear when they tied the knot.  

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“I am married to one of the most generous and kind people I know — and joining her in a commitment to pass on an enormous financial wealth to serve others,” Jewett wrote on Giving Pledge which is an organization that encourages wealthy people to give most of their wealth to charity. 

“I have seen many ways that MacKenzie has seen her efforts enhanced when she acts on the belief that those with common values but different perspectives, strengths, and experiences are essential to effecting positive change. We are united in that understanding and in our excitement for all we have to learn from so many people working in service of others.

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Scott noted on her Amazon biography that she “lives in Seattle with her four children and her husband, Dan.”

“Dan is such a great guy, and I am happy and excited for both of them,” said in a statement. 

Scott’s divorce from Bezos made her one of the most wealthy people on the planet. The pair split after 25 years together and she was reportedly given a quarter of her ex-husband’s Amazon shares.

However, Scott has no intention to keep most of the money. As previously reported by OK!, MacKenzie has an estimated net worth of $59.8 billion but gave $4.1 billion away over the past few months to 384 organizations amid the coronavirus pandemic which is more than 6 percent of her total net value.  


“These 384 carefully selected teams have dedicated their lives to helping others, working and volunteering and serving real people face-to-face at bedsides and tables, in prisons and courtrooms and classrooms, on streets and hospital wards and hotlines and frontlines of all types and sizes, day after day after day,” she explained in December. 

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Bezos announced last month that he was stepping down as CEO as the online retailer after 30 years and passed the reigns  Amazon Web Services CEO Andy Jassy.  

The Wall Street Journal was the first to report on Scott and Jewett’s marriage.