After a popular reportedly died as the result of a botched liposuction operation earlier this year, the who performed the procedure is now facing murder charges.  

On Jan. 9, Liliane dos Santos Amorim, 26, had the cometic surgery in the Brazilian municipality of Juazeiro do Norte by Dr. Benjamin Alencar. Six days later, the Instagram model was admitted to intensive care with discomfort, difficulty eating and abdominal pain since the day of her procedure, according to media reports. 

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Chief investigator Luiz Eduardo de Costa stated that the Brazilian doctor was wrong to discharge his patient “prematurely,” according to the reports. After the procedure was completed on Jan. 9, Costa said Amorim was in such pain that she had to be helped out of the hospital in a wheelchair. Hewent on to say that there was a “lack of care and caution” on Alencar’s part, which the doctor “vehemently denies.” 

After being admitted to intensive care, doctors performed surgery on Amorim. However, they were unable to save her and she died on Jan. 24, after her lungs filled with too much water, officials said. The doctors also found several intra-abdominal perforations, possibly because of the .

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Costa added allegedly Alencar left the Juazeiro do Norte area after performing the liposuction procedure on Amorim. As a result, he couldn’t attend to his patient, who’s condition was declining.

Brazilian police have since Alencar with in connection to the influencer’s death. 

Amorim was a mother and left behind her six-year-old son.