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Source: NBC

Adding fuel to the fire, Vanity Fair is reporting that was spotted in London outside of ’s apartment. Sudeikis is seen leaving the building in a mustard-colored sweater and brown hat, while Hazell stepped out wearing what appeared to be the same tie-dye hoodie the Horrible Bosses star wore during his Golden Globes acceptance speech.  

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As OK! previously reported, Sudeikis is wasting no time after his sudden split from Olivia Wilde (after nine years together!) and is reportedly the British model. “ has always found incredibly attractive, and has told pals he’s had a crush on her since her Page 3 days,” a source dished, adding that the two have been friends for years, but purely platonic.

When Sudeikis found out about his ex’s new hot-and-heavy relationship with former boybander Harry Styles, “Keeley was one of the people whom he turned towards,” a source said. “During this time he was understandably devastated, but she was brilliant and incredibly supportive.”

The source continued, “He invited her to join him for dinner with mates in L.A., and their flirty banter quickly set tongues wagging. They have met up since, but obviously it’s all very early days.”