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The Summer House shocked fans when she took to the ‘gram on Wednesday, March 3, announcing she was to fellow .

Posing in an off-the-shoulder puff sleeve black top, the 29-year-old podcaster smiled alongside with her new fiancé in a series of photos showing off a stunning sparkler while giving the finger — her left ring finger, that is.

“Thanks for the engagement shoot mom. Love you @desdishop,” she captured the surprising snap.

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hannah berner
Source: Instagram/Hannah Berner

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“We’re very excited,” the Bravo’s Chat Room host told PEOPLE. “It all happened so fast, but when you know, you know.”

She also revealed that the unexpected proposal from the 45-year-old took place on Valentine’s Day. 

“When we first started dating, Des would send me this really funny video, singing videos, that would make me laugh,” she said. “On Valentine’s Day, I woke up and I had a video of him singing, which I hadn’t gotten since the . And then it ends with him being like, ‘I have a surprise for you.’

“I’m in bed with my Invisalign on, and my breath is terrible,” she added. “And he’s just kneeling on the side, and then he just pulls out the ring. I think I just made weird crying noises.”