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The blonde beauty compared her upbringing to pop icon Britney Spears’ after she saw the documentary Framing — which details the pop star’s rise to fame and her ongoing messy conservatorship battle. “When I watched the Britney documentary… I was like, OMG, my is kind of ,” she said on RealiTea with Derek Z, referencing how they both achieved “fame at a young age.” 

After the release of Framing Britney Spears, took to Instagram to send a message of thanks to her fans. The influencer revealed that she’s “received apologies from both sides — people in the media and supporters from around the world” and that the explosive docuseries “has opened a lot of people’s hearts to what it’s like being in the shoes of a personality in the center of judgement.” 

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In 2017, Stodden revealed exclusively to Radar Online that she was bullied and abused over her mature looks starting at age 12 and that it almost destroyed her . “Since I was a kid, I’ve been bullied because of my looks. The bullying really started when I got to 6th grade as I became way more developed than the others at an early age,” Stodden said.

The TV personality revealed that her friends started to turn on her and things became vicious. “As I continued to develop, I started losing girlfriends that I had grown up with,” she told Radar Online. “They started slut-shaming, bullying me all to the point where I felt unsafe. I even had my left arm fractured due to some of the girls’ bullying and had to be homeschooled.” 

Stodden went on to detail that she played the part and “look[ed] beautiful for everyone” but that at the end of the day, she claimed that her estranged ex would “scream” at her and “would corner me.”

“I was 16/17 years old when it first started,” she explained, noting that she “was so overwhelmed” that she used alcohol to “cover up” her depression. The Celebrity Big Brother alum added that she “would then walk the Hollywood Hills and hide behind trash cans at two in the morning” to get away from the alleged abuse and “cry.”