Former sitcom star Maureen McCormick sat down with Dr. Oz to discuss the hardships she faced during the ongoing and as the eldest daughter in The Brunch.

On the Monday, March 1 episode of The Dr. Oz Show,  the host asked , 64, what the hardest part of the pandemic has been for her and her family, to which she replied: “I think it’s everything.”

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McCormick also explained that it’s been difficult to take care of her brother, Danny, who she has a conservatorship over. “He has intellectual disabilities, and he lives in a group home,” she shared. “That’s been really hard because Danny doesn’t really understand what’s going on and why he can’t be with me on the weekends and why we can’t hug. He needs people, he loves people so much.”

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In January, McCormick revealed that both Danny and his roommate from the group home tested positive for COVID-19 via an Instagram post. She kept her 90.1 thousand followers updated on their health status and reported on February 4 that Danny recovered from the novel virus. 

“I can’t wait till I can hold him in my arms again,” she captioned her post of her and Danny smiling together. “I am so grateful to all of the caregivers who have selflessly helped my angel, and I am overwhelmed by the support we have received from all of you. Denny and I thank you from the bottom of our ❤️❤️.”

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“I know that when we first premiered, there was a lot going on in the country, and we were going through the whole Vietnam War, and Watergate, and a lot of turbulent times,” the blonde beauty recalled, before speculating that the show simply “offered a really safe place for people for 30 minutes.”

“It was about a blended family, which I think we were one of the first blended families ever on TV,” McCormick added. “Sometimes there’s a show and it all comes together, and it just works.”

McCormick played eldest daughter, Marcia Brady, on the ’70s sitcom and reprised her role in a number of Brady spin-offs and films, including, The Brady Kids, The Brady Bunch Hour, The Brady Brides and 1988’s A Very Brady Christmas.