The late Chadwick Boseman was honored in a sweet way during the when TikTok star La’Ron Hines asked several children who he is. 

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While the may have gotten some questions about the Golden Globes hilariously wrong, such as one little girl saying that Jane Fonda “is a person that walks normally” and another kid saying that movies are made of bricks, the ended with a bittersweet moment. 

When Hines asked who is, the kids answered that he was “the Black Panther” with one little boy saying that he “is the good guy.”

Boseman was awarded best actor in a motion picture-drama for his performance in Ma Rainey’s Bottom at the Golden Globes. His wife, Simone Ledward Boseman, accepted the award on his behalf. 

“He would say something beautiful, something inspiring, something that would amplify that little voice inside of all of us that tells you, ‘You can,’ that tells you to keep going, that calls you back to what you are meant to be doing at this moment in history,” Ledward Boseman tearfully said. 

I don’t have his words, but we have to take all the moments to celebrate those we love, so thank you HFPA, for this opportunity to do exactly that. And, honey, you keep ’em coming. Thank you.”

Boseman passed away in August 2020 of colon cancer. The 42-year-old had been diagnosed several years prior but kept it a secret as he continued to work on Black , Marshall,  Da 5 Bloods and more films as he was undergoing chemotherapy and surgeries. 

Scroll down to see the reactions: 

One Question Right

The kids answered every Golden Globes question wrong but everyone recognized Boseman. 

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His Impact

Several fans noted that the children knowing who Boseman was is a testament to his legacy and impact. 

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A Hero

While one kid thought the Royal Family lives in the jungle, they knew Boseman was the Black Panther. 

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So Many Emotions

One fan noted that Boseman’s role in the Marvel flick “shows the impact and importance of [representation.]”

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The Best Part Of The Golden Globes

This year’s Golden Globes was largely virtual but the best part for many was the kids’ segment. 

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One Thing To Know

“If little kids know one thing it’s gonna be who Chadwick Boseman is,” one fan gushed. 

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An Emotional Night

With Boseman’s wife’s speech so soon after the children’s segment, it was an emotional night for fans.