When DaBaby dropped the music video for his track “Beatbox Freestyle” on Friday, February 19, one person no one expected to seemingly be name-dropped was Jojo Siwa.

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“You a b***h, , b***h,” sang half way through the song and held up a picture of her on the phone.

Naturally, the internet exploded with memes and many users pondered the connection they may have to each other as Siwa is 12 years his junior and creates music and merchandise for a vastly different audience than the 29-year-old.

DaBaby explained that the apparent name drop wasn’t actually a diss at the former Dance Moms star. 

The “Suge” singer says “siwa” to mean “See why,” and “Jojo” was a reference to his real name, Jonathan Lyndale Kirk, so the lyric actually meant “Jonathan see why.”

I don’t ‘Siwa’ they so mad either bae,” he joked to a fan. 

Siwa is yet to publicly address the song. 

Scroll down to see the hilarious reactions:

Jojo On Her Way

After an image of Siwa driving a Tesla and donning her signature bright colors became a meme, some users repurposed it for the DaBaby track. 

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A Collab In The Making?

Some users pondered if the track was a publicity stunt ahead of a collaboration between the two vastly different artists. 

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Social media came to Siwa’s defense after the music video was released. 

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Beauty guru James Charles and many other users wondered why DaBaby would seemingly pick on someone “12 years young, 10 times richer, and 2 inches taller than him.”

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Ready To Throw Hands

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Siwa may just nod to DaBaby in a song of her own.