A man who Billie Eilish claims was stalking and threatening her outside her Los Angeles home has been issued a , which may become permanent after a court hearing next month.

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“For nearly six months, an individual who has identified himself as John Matthews Hearle, a/k/a Adam Lucifer, has harassed and threatened me while he has camped outside a school across the street from my family’s home,” the 19-year-old “Ocean Eyes” singer wrote in a petition filed last week, according to the Daily News.

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“Every time I see him I just want to scream,” the “Bad Guy” singer wrote. 

“You can’t get what you want, unless what you want is to die for me,” one note allegedly from Hearle that attached to the filing reportedly reads. “You will die. What are you dying for?”

Eilish also said that Hearle made a heart-shape gesture at her with his hands and another time made a “throat slitting gesture.” The teen said she “interpreted this as Hearle wanting to violently harm me in some way.”

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Eilish’s family now employs a 24-hour security team “due to Hearle’s constant and close presence outside of my home.”

“My family and I feel vulnerable and unsafe because we honestly have no idea of what Hearle is capable of, or what his intentions are towards my daughter,” Eilish’s father, Patrick O’Connell, wrote. 

 A court hearing will take place on March 4 at Eilish’s request to make the restraining order permanent. 

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This is not the first time Eilish has had to seek a restraining order. 

In May 2020, she was a temporary restraining order against Prenell Rousseau after the 24-year-old allegedly arrived at her parents’ home several times. The restraining order was extended to three years a month later.