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In addition to the charge, he faces one count of resisting a police officer without violence. His , Michelle Mangan-, was also at the scene. She faces charges of on a law enforcement officer and resisting an officer with violence.    

The officer ordered Damon to stand in front of his police car and for his wife to stay inside of their car while he waited for a second officer to arrive. According to the arrest report, Michelle got out of the car anyway and stated that “she didn’t need to listen” to the officer.  

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“I attempted to pull Michelle toward me so that I could put her against the vehicle and then order back to the front of my car; however, Michelle then proceeded to turn toward me and grab onto my left arm while simultaneously pulling away from me and pushing me,” the arresting officer said, adding that “resulted in Michelle breaking away from me and she began to walk away.” A second officer took her into custody once arriving onto the scene. 

Michelle “complained of sharp chest pains” after they were taken to jail and was subsequently transported to the Orlando Regional Medical Center. 

After retiring from the , Damon appeared as a contestant on former President Donald Trump‘s reality series, Celebrity Apprentice, in 2014 as well as on Dancing with the Stars in 2018. 

Us Weekly was the first to report on Damon’s arrest.