A report stating that Melania Trump has become “bitter and chilly” toward her husband, Donald Trump, in the wake of a less-than-triumphant retreat from the White House has resulted in the former FLOTUS snapping back in exasperation — but there’s little evidence she’s been warm and fuzzy toward him, especially on the most romantic weekend of the year. 

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However, certainly didn’t put the rumors that she’s not so thrilled with her to rest over Valentine’s Day weekend. While new President Joe Biden tweeted a sweet V-day message to “the love of my life,” and FLOTUS Jill Biden posted a photo of herself buying some gourmet macarons to treat her hubby (“Don’t tell Joe!”), Melania didn’t even bother to mention her husband on social media.

Instead, she used her platform to wish “everyone” a happy Valentine’s Day, tweeting photos of herself visiting hospitalized children over the past few years, and giving odes to their strength “today and everyday.” 

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“Wow!! Melania Valentine’s Day message with no mention of Donald,” noted one tweeter. “Let’s see, how much longer is this marriage going to work?”

As for the Donald himself, he of course could not tweet anything (about his wife, or otherwise) since he’s been banned from social media. Sounds as if it was one heck of a romantic time out there in Florida, right?