Model Kate Bock thought she was going to dinner for her birthday with her boyfriend, — but really, the basketball star ended up proposing to his longtime love. As a result, the 33-year-old “had no at all” that an engagement was in her future. 

“I think now that I look back, there were a lot of hints along the way that maybe I could have picked up on, but it was my birthday, so we had a really nice bottle of wine, we had a really nice dinner, we went to our favorite restaurant, like he made everything really cute,” — who was recently named the Chief Brand Officer of Pompette Beverages  — exclusively tells OK!

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She adds, “I got the surprise of my life and it was just such a special moment and it’s been so fun to be able to share that with people when it’s been kind of a tough time in the world right now and having a big bright spot of positivity has been great.”

Throughout the dinner, Bock noticed Love, 32, “kept moving the table around, but now I realize he was moving it so he had space to kneel.”

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Additionally, the athlete “kept putting his hands in his pockets” even though the blonde babe encouraged him to put hand warmers in his pockets. “I told him to do that but now I am like, he was just putting his hand on the box so I wouldn’t notice,” she shares. 

Bock was giddy about her new bling, admitting she was stunned when she saw it for the first time. “I was always someone who felt like I just didn’t want to feel like I ever pushed him or hinted super hard or made him feel like he had to do anything, so I think I was almost the opposite – like I never said anything,” she explains. “I always just knew he was really creative and good at designing things and choosing things, so he totally chose it, made it and designed it himself with a jeweler. Now, I know what my dream ring is because I have it.”

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The pair — who have been dating since 2016 — has an idea as to when they will tie the knot but nothing is set in stone just yet. 

“It’s preliminary, we are both like I don’t know how to – what do we even do? I was trying to call one of my girlfriends who got married recently to ask, ‘What are the steps? What do we do?’ But I think we are hoping for summer 2022 and hopefully that will feel like a great, safe time because we have a lot of friends and family from lots of different countries and [it will] hopefully [be in] New York or the Hamptons,” she says. 

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Source: Pompette

In the meantime, the two will be apart for Valentine’s Day but are still planning on spending time together via FaceTime. 

“We were thinking about making some cocktail recipes and I think we will serve Pompette at our wedding and so kind of coming up with some cocktails we can maybe serve then will be a fun kind of activity we can do together,” she about Pompette, adding that the hard sparkling water is “clean, light, crisp, fresh, low calorie, low sugar, delicious and comes in a chic glass bottle that is 750 ML.”