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Last year, the 31-year-old made headlines when she was involved in a scandal with The Pursuit of Love costar Dominic West in October.

The pair were seen getting cozy in Rome and West was allegedly kissing ’ neck as they dined al fresco with their mutual manager, Angharad Wood. West and James also reportedly shared a kiss and were affectionate in the airport before they flew back to the U.K. 

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West then put up a united front with his wife, Catherine Fitzgerald, where they told reporters that “Our marriage is strong and we’re very much still together,” in a staged photo opportunity where the couple held hands and shared a kiss. 

However, Fitzgerald was reportedly humiliated. 

’s been through the mill with all the whispers about her love life,” a source previously told OK! as the actress reportedly missed ex-boyfriend Matt Smith. James and The Crown alum called it quits after five years together when they dated from 2014 until December 2019.

She then denied rumors that she was dating Chris Evans.

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Matt’s always had her back, and Lily knows she made a mistake letting him go. He feels duped regarding all the rumors about her and other guys, but she swears nothing happened and that she misses him. She just hopes he believes in second chances.”

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Meanwhile, Shuman has had his fair share of heartbreak too. The bassist also plays with the Mini Mansions, and opened up about his love life when he promoted their 2019 record Guy Walks Into a Bar…

“The ‘dot dot dot’ in the title is important. For us humans, the first thing we do is go out in search of a partner. It could happen at a gym or a restaurant or an online dating site, but for us, it happened to be a bar,” Shuman told the Boston Herald at the time. 

“That’s how this relationship started, and it’s how this record started as well. The album takes you through everything, and it was written in real time. The recording process lasted two years, which is how long my relationship with this woman lasted. It was a challenging process and emotionally fatiguing, but I think it made for a real and honest record.”

The Daily Mail was the first to report that James and Shuman had been spotted together.