Like all Americans, I was enchanted by Bill Cosby for years. How couldn’t you be? First, he was funny and entertaining. Secondly, he had conquered American entertainment by having solid footprints in comedy, motion pictures, television, Saturday morning cartoons, and even commercials.

Cosby was already a living legend when his only was mysteriously gunned down in 1997 off the 405 Freeway in Los Angeles. 

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Few may remember it at the time, but America stood still for several days, glued to the coverage about the killing of Ennis Cosby. Was this a of being in the wrong place at the wrong time? Or was Ennis targeted because of his famous dad? 

The pressure was on the LAPD to find answers quickly. Would they rise to the occasion or would this be another O.J. Simpson-like case with allegations of LAPD incompetence? 

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Meanwhile, it’s easy to look back in hindsight and see this as the moment when the Cosby facade began to show some cracks. Later, it would completely crumble into allegations and charges that Cosby was not the wholesome entertainer America had grown to love. 

That, in fact, he was guilty of horrible sexual assault. That guilt would eventually land Bill Cosby in jail. But back in 1997, no one could see that coming. All we knew is that a young man, filled with promise, was brutally gunned down and his famous family mourned

What really happened to Ennis Cosby? Why was he shot? I promise the story will surprise you, and you’ll never see Bill Cosby quite the same again.

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