Surprised that Claudia Conway, the outspoken daughter of former Donald Trump consultant Kellyanne Conway, has decided to test her mettle on American Idol? The TikTok-famous teenager is giving a sneak peek at her audition for the upcoming season of the hit talent reality show, which premieres on Valentine’s Day (February 14).

As states, “My mother is Kellyanne Conway. She worked for Donald Trump. And my dad is George Conway. He worked against Donald Trump. It’s a lot, but I agree to disagree with my mom and my dad.” 

She adds, “You probably know me as 15-year-old emancipation girl or that blond woman from Fox News’ daughter. I’m a little more than that.”

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“When your mom is working for the President of the United States, who you very much disagree with, it’s hard,” she confesses. “Most of my life, my feelings had been suppressed so then I got social media and was like, ‘Well, yeah. Now my voice is being heard.’”

wraps things up by explaining why she was making her unexpected debut on the show: “The internet can be a very, very dark place,” she notes, “But when life is all going down hill, I have my music. Now, I want to get out of the controversy, get out of the drama and let people know that I am a singer and this is what I want to do.”

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“She sets goals and works toward them. Of course, is next level!

“We are proud of Claudia for entering the arena and sharing her beautiful voice and inspirational message about mental health with others.”

However, her Idol audition will air following recent headlines of intense family drama that came to an explosive head at the Conway residence. As OK! previously reported, Kellyanne was under investigation, according to a spokesperson for the Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office, after a topless photo of her minor daughter Claudia was allegedly posted on her Twitter account.