A Texas woman currently out on following her culpability in the death of her infant son now has a new twist to her maternal saga: She’s being accused of leaving her daughter in a after giving birth. 

According to local news, officials said Denette Williams, 34, claimed to not know she was pregnant in 2020, but on September 3, she experienced severe cramps. She reportedly recalled hearing a “plop” sound when she used the toilet and said that she saw blood. 

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The child was taken to the hospital, where she was determined to be at about 35 weeks gestation, and is reportedly doing fine. 

Williams’ mother, Dee Oliver, told officials she’d asked her daughter if she was pregnant a few days before the baby was born, having noticed a bulge in her midsection. Oliver noted that Williams said she wasn’t sure if she was or not, and that she wanted to go to the doctor to get checked. 

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Williams already has on her record a 10-year sentence for her involvement in the death of her 5-week-old son, Braylon Hood, in 2011. According to officials, Braylon died as a result of blunt force injuries, bruises and an injured spinal canal, following being left in his car seat for 11 hours without food or diaper changes while Williams and the child’s father watched a movie. The baby’s neck was also snapped due to both his mother and father holding him improperly during feedings. 

She served five years of that sentence and is now out on $50,000 bail facing child endangerment charges for her treatment of the baby girl she bore in September.