A February 1 between neighbors over where to dump shoveled ended up with everyone involved dead by gunshot — and now , allegedly capturing the moments leading up to the tragedy, has emerged showing all the of the confrontation that resulted in a reported double murder and a suicide.

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Jeffrey Spaide of Plains, Penn., 47, allegedly got into an argument with his neighbors who lived across the street, James and Lisa Goy, 50 and 48, respectively, who were apparently snow from their parking spaces and crossing over to dumping it on his property. When Spaide approached the couple and told them to knock it off, things turned ugly very quickly. 

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James Goy then approaches Spaide, while both continue to swear and call each other names. According to the footage, Spaide then rushed into his house, only to re-emerge with a handgun. 

As seen in the video, Lisa Goy, who had gone ahead and returned to her shoveling, calls Spaide a “scumbag” and reportedly dares him to use the gun. “Go ahead, go ahead,” she taunts her neighbor, according to reports, as they still trade verbal insults. 

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Spaide then was spotted by a witness pacing inside his house in front of a window, and, by the time police arrived at the scene, gunfire was heard, and he was found dead as well. 

The shooter had no prior record with police, but neighbors confirmed he’d tangled with the Goys over similar snow shoveling issues previously. Things had clearly reached a boiling point: As early as two months ago they’d clashed over the same matter, but officials were not brought into the dispute at that time.  

After reviewing the case on Tuesday, February 2, Luzerne County District Attorney Stefanie Salavantis recommended the investigation be closed. The Goys leave behind a teenaged autistic son, who is now in the custody of his grandparents.