Few folks out there are as tough as Duane “Dog” Chapman, also known as the Hunter. Given the fact that he’s faced all sorts of cringe-inducing situations over the years during his job chasing down America’s most wanted, it’s notable that even he is frightened of one thing: Contracting COVID-19

Chapman recently had a in which he thought he had contracted the coronavirus. On an upcoming episode of the . Show (airing February 8), Dr. Mehmet Oz discussed the sickness that kept Chapman from his original planned appearance date on the show. 

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“Dog, you were supposed to sit down with us a couple of days ago. You got seriously ill, you worried me a lot,” said Dr. Oz to Chapman. “What was going on? Do you think you had COVID?” 

dr oz dog the bounty hunter covid scare
Source: ZoCo Productions, LLC.

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He added that his age was a panic factor as well. “‘Oh, no. I’m over 60, am I going to make it?‘ I thought, here we go, versus a dog, here we go.

“But I didn’t have it so thank the Lord,” he concluded. 

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Chapman admitted he hadn’t. “This is the second day I felt good, but at the time it hit me, I couldn’t go. I thought I was almost dying. I was like, just saying my last prayers.”

Health officials recommend getting tested for the virus if not feeling well or having symptoms that are unusual.