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“I was happy to find out that my father [was celebrating] Thanksgiving with and Doria,” Samantha writes. “ was quite gentlemanly to rent a house in Beverly Hills for the event, even though we ended up not going.”

She continues, “The house was complete with a chef, butler, service staff and of course security, and enough privacy that it could be like a holiday at home, except for the fact that the chef cooked the turkey. I was hoping that my father was able to have a proper meeting with Harry, but it was top-secret whether or not he actually showed up.”

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“I have to say, I’m not taking it personally,” she said. “It’s not just me. None of the family have received invites, nor have [’s mother] Doria’s family. So although we don’t understand we can only wish them well.” 

But years later, Samantha is upset that her father — who suffered a heart attack — was unable to attend the nuptials, and the royal family didn’t attempt to change the date. 

“[I] knew it was not unreasonable that they reschedule given resources available to make that happen,” she writes in the book.

Samantha’s tell-all will be released this week.