On set drama! Almost ten years after One Tree Hill ended, Jana Kramer is opening up about her time in the show, and this time about the member who “made it ” for everyone.

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“When I was on the show … there was just some, not cattiness, but just, ‘You can’t talk to this person if you’re friends with this person,’” Krama shared on her “Whine Down with and Michael Caussin” podcast when the couple was joined by costars James Lafferty and Stephen Colletti. “So I wasn’t very close to James because of certain situations on the set at the time.”

Kramer spilled that her friendships on set were affected by the unnamed person on set after she joined the show for the last three seasons in 2009.

The actress explained that she was closer to Colletti because they had more scenes together than Lafferty but also because the unnamed individual getting in the way. 

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“But now, I mean everyone is really close, and it’s kind of frustrating because I’m like, ‘Why couldn’t we have all be friends then?’” Kramer added. “‘And you made the newbies’ life a little bit of hell.’ But it’s cool.” 

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While the One cast has come together several times since it ended in 2012 and the tension has eased, Kramer is still frustrated looking back because even though “we’re all friends now” this person made things difficult on set if someone “chose the wrong friend, we would be destroyed.”

Despite the heat on set, Lafferty said that he still had positive memories from starring on the show. “There were so many folks on both sides of the camera that were there from day one,” he said. “To get to know people like that for nine years, the older I get, the more I realize how increasingly rare that is… So it was really special. I look back on that fondly.”

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The costars also missed Wilmington, North Carolina where the show was filmed as 

Wilmington, North Carolina as it was  “It was a beautiful place. It was nice to spend time on the East Coast,” Colletti gushed while Lafferty agreed that he “fell in love with that place.” 

This wasn’t the first time Kramer opened up about the drama while filming One Tree Hill. Last year she discusses the tension with costar Bethany Joy Lenz on the podcast. 

“I feel like everyone already kinda had their places and it was either, are you going to be in the ‘A team’ or the ‘B team?’ It was just tricky,” Kramer said. 

“It would be great to go back and not have it feel like it was divided in any way or when we were going through a rough patch,” Lenz agreed.