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“She should be very nervous now. Her cover has left the building,” one source spilled

“[Goldston] has for years been seen as a apologist. She’s used him as leverage against other talent,” an insider said. “He’s been Meghan’s voice in the room. He’s taken on Whoopi in defense of Meghan McCain,” after McCain butted heads with Whoopi Goldberg

“He’s certainly not her defender. Ally would not be the word. Things happen and there are continued steps to solve them. Issues get addressed,” another source said. 

While a spokesperson for ABC said that McCain doesn’t need to worry with Goldston gone. “This is ridiculous. This combo of co-hosts has The delivering our best numbers in seven years.

“Meghan is a valued member of the team and no one is talking about any changes to the table.”

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Last month, senator Reverand Raphael Warnock was interviewed on The View which saw Goldberg shut down McCain’s questioning of the newly-elected Democrat Georgia senator. 

Hey! Listen! We are going to say thanks to the Senator-elect Reverend Raphael Warnock,” Goldberg told McCain after she said she was “just trying to ask him a question.”

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“I did not miss you. Zero,” Joy Behar told McCain during a spat when McCain said “You missed me so much, Joy. You missed me so much when I was on maternity leave. You missed fighting with me,” when she returned to the show in January. 

 “That’s so nasty,” McCain replied. “That’s so rude.” 

“I think Meghan really wanted to cause a stir straight out of the gate,” a source previously told OK! as the spat was “right on schedule.”

“It is a pretty brilliant plan. Grab a few headlines and most people probably won’t even realize she ever left the show.”

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The View did better ratings with Meghan being gone. For years people claimed that viewers tuned in for her craziness, but the numbers showed us otherwise,” the Daily Mail reported last month. “The show actually broke a record during her maternity leave and now she realizes that she doesn’t have the job security that she once did. All of that has her shook,” an insider told the outlet. 

While McCain was absent, Ana Navarro often filled her shoes. 

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Page Six was the first to report on Goldston allegedly defending McCain.