A Maine woman who was allegedly shot to death by her longtime partner, who then reportedly killed himself afterwards, is tragically a victim of the same situation that took the lives of her parents just three years ago. 

Jessica Dapolito, 42, was found dead on January 25 when police were alerted by a concerned call to check up on the house where she lived with Robert Dapolito, 55. Officials discovered both bodies and declared the deaths a domestic violence murder-suicide. 

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Jessica’s aunt Suzanne Bourque told local news that her niece was a “wonderful, kind, good-hearted person,” and also explained that she shared Robert’s last name although the couple, who’d been together for 23 years and worked for the same social services agency, never married. 

The two reportedly were planning on starting a medical marijuana business, having obtained permits to grow plants at a nearby facility. Bourque mentioned to news that her niece had a green thumb and loved to work in the garden. 

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“As brothers, regardless of the situation, they are working together on the process together as brothers; as family,” the page read. “Please think about these brothers as they process and work through the most difficult situation together. Because that’s what families do. They stick together, regardless.”