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ashley tisdale nude baby bump selfie
Source: /Instagram

So much of the time we give our love to others,” she wrote on Instagram under the February 1 photo of her pregnant figure. “Let’s start loving ourselves and our bodies in every shape and form. Our bodies do a lot for us every day and we neglect to acknowledge that. Thank your body and say I love you.” 

Fans flocked to praise the , with French himself commenting, “The most beautiful and badass woman in the world.” 

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While the pandemic has brought so much frustration, the couple said they were thrilled to have this spark of light in a dark year. “This year has obviously been hard,” Tisdale captioned a photo of herself with French from their gender reveal party. “For so many. Ups and downs, and an emotional roller coaster. 

Tisdale’s family plans have clearly taken a turn from 2019, when she revealed she wasn’t quite ready to become a mama just yet. “Whether you’re traveling or you have to work or education or you’re married and not ready to have a kid yet, there are options out there,” she told PEOPLE. “For me, it’s like, it’s OK to not want to start a family right away. People are always asking me about that, but it’s just not the right time. And I have options out there.”