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“It’s all a facade,” Hayhurst’s ex Carey told the Sun

“I decided to speak out because I want people to know that my almost five-year relationship, with three children involved, ended because of the Pam and Dan started while he was still with me,” the 42-year-old claimed. 

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Hayhurst was a handyman who worked on Anderson’s house for several months before he became her bodyguard. Carey said that she and Hayhurst had been together for five years and said that she moved in with him and helped to raise his children. 

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“We were all totally blindsided by this, it’s been so hard for us. And it’s not just me and the kids, lots of people have been hurt by them. Dan has lost friendships and business relationships because of this.”

“We did everything together, like family vacations, family fishing trips, we worked on family projects together. It was always us.”

Things changed in March 2020 when Hayhurst spent more time out of the house. 

“Dan would stay at her house and not come home, and here I am taking care of the kids,” Carey said.

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“At first he denied it when I confronted him but then, finally, I asked him, ‘Are you sleeping with Pam? He said, ‘All I’m going to say is I’ve crossed the line.

“At first he said, ‘I want you to stay in our house. I don’t want you to go. I just need to figure things out.’

“Later he apologised to me. He said, ‘Carey, I love you. I don’t know what is going on right now. I’m not in my right head right now. I’m not in a good space.’”

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Hayhurst moved out of their shared home and in with the Baywatch alum, and Carey has since moved out too, the Sun reported. The model allegedly gave her new man a boat for his 40th birthday but the couple behaves like “teenagers,” according to Carey.

“He’s smashed her car three times now, and her boat twice. It’s a walking mess. They sit on their property drinking — it’s like the Dan and Pam show,” Carey claimed.

Hayhurst and Carey never tied the knot and she said he told her he would never get married again but “here we are, six or eight months or whatever the hell they are into their relationship and they’re married.”

Hayhurst is Anderson’s fifth but sixth marriage.  

“I just think, ‘Wow, who are you? Who is the man I was with for five years?’ None of this makes sense.”

“‘I’m exactly where I need to be  —  in the arms of a man who truly loves me,” Anderson gushed to DailyMailTV. “This one year together has felt like seven  — like dog years.”