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“Around 15 people from the franchise,” the 31-year-old, who is engaged to Jessica Clarke, dishes while promoting the 2021 Diamond Resorts Tournament of Champions. “It’s quite a bit, like a couple of us became really close — like Becca [Kufrin] and I hosted the [Bachelor] tour together, we lived on the road with Sydney [Lotuaco]. Then, we have Ashley [Iaconetti] and I, we’ve been together for three years, hanging out, talking life [on the podcast], some of the guys like Wells [Adams], Dean [Unglert] and Jared [Haibon]. It’s a good, solid big group of legitimate friends, not just like fake friends.” 

Higgins adds, “It’s like spring break, when you go on spring break and you fall in love with so many friends, you’re like, ‘We’re going to hang out,’ and then it never happens. That does happen sometimes but for some of these guys, they became big parts of my life and obviously Ashley, Becca and Sydney as well.” 

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“Sometimes I am like, ‘You have to make a decision, like what do you want?’ She is like, ‘I don’t know! I just want people there.’ I am like, ‘That is great.’ But it’s been awesome.” 

The nuptials will take place in Nashville, which is “a good centralized place” for both of their families to come down to. 

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With the ongoing pandemic wreaking havoc on the nation, the reality star is saying “I do” in the fall no matter what

Higgins and Clarke, 25 — who started dating in 2018 and got engaged in March 2020 — just bought a house together in Colorado, but they don’t plan on living together until after they tie the knot. “I am sure there are going to be surprises, I am not naïve to that,” Higgins quips. “It’s not like we haven’t stayed together, but it’s something we want to look forward to.”