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said one of the “most challenging things” was getting boobs exactly right. She detailed that the production team had several meetings “trying to figure out how to make it look realistic.”  

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“We taped and we pushed up,” she said, adding that the wardrobe department went out and purchased a rather large quantity of socks after her recommendation. “We had a lot and they were very, very , and quite honestly I don’t know how she does it,” Payton said with a laugh. “Myself and what I have on my body is extremely humble.” 

The 35-year-old went on to say that she was “very sore” at the end of each day of filming and would have to get back massages in order to dull the pain.   

As OK! previously reported, while promoting the upcoming Lifetime film Williams: The Movie and her documentary special Wendy Williams: What a Mess!, the talk show legend has been very candid about her life and especially about her tumultuous relationship with her estranged ex, Kevin Hunter.   

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Hunter’s alleged mistress, Sharina Hudson, reportedly welcomed a baby girl in March 2019, just one month before Williams filed for divorce, citing “irreconcilable differences” as the cause. Williams’ comments about Hunter come just weeks after she described her ex as a “serial cheater” during a candid chat with Extra, admitting that even though he cheated on her while pregnant with their son, Kevin Hunter Jr., she decided to take him back for the sake of their family. “Kevin had different mistresses. This last one was the one he had the longest term relationship with.” 

Wendy Williams: The Movie airs Saturday, January 30 on Lifetime.

Payton first spoke to the New York Post about the challenges of playing Williams.