Jonathon Sherman, the 37-year-old of late billionaires and Honey Sherman, has spoken out following reports of an alleged request for him to repay his dad tens of millions of dollars just weeks before his were found dead in their Toronto home. 

In a lengthy new interview, Jonathon revealed that he has evidence that he was elsewhere the of December 13, which is allegedly when his parents were slain sometime between a police estimate of 9 p.m. to midnight. 

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As for why he’d taken that photo, Jonathon said he needed a “seed code” for his cryptocurrency account (accounts like Bitcoin utilize such methods as backup in case a user’s system becomes corrupted). He confirmed that the hand in the photo was his own, and that he has a second photo on his phone taken the next morning at 8:30 a.m., with the location at his home.

Regardless of the solidity of this “proof” (Jonathon admitted himself it’s not airtight), he maintained he didn’t have anything do with the killings and that he thinks the actual people who were behind the deaths “hired someone else” to carry them out. 

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The Toronto Star, who conducted the interview, went into details of Jonathon’s business relationship with his billionaire father, attempting to make sense of the multimillion-dollar loan and what part, if any, it played in the overall mysterious circumstances surrounding the

Jonathon maintained that his dad’s request to pay back the money was not considered a “threat” and that questioning it now is making “a lot more” of what it really was at the time. He noted that his father was in a difficult financial situation at the time and that “I’m not going to kill my dad because he needs $50 million to get through a crisis.”