Jonathon Sherman, the 37-year-old of late billionaires and Honey Sherman, revealed details of his troubles with his in a new interview.

Aside from the fact that Jonathon has been facing rumors about an alleged request to repay his dad tens of millions of dollars just weeks before his parents were found mysteriously in their Toronto home (a crime he asserts he had nothing to do with), the wealthy scion described family over the fact that he is gay. 

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As for his father, he said Barry was more accepting, given that his dad’s best friend and first business partner was gay. However, Jonathon noted that Barry did warn him he was in for a “harder life” as a gay man

Jonathon, who is married to Fred Mercure, related that his mother did come around and that both of his parents made Mercure “feel welcome” in the family and even paid for surrogacy procedures for the couple’s two children. 

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The last email Jonathon says he sent his father was to invite him to a Christmas party at his home, to celebrate with them and Mercure’s family. 

Still, aside from personal issues, the parent-son dynamic was not in traditional order in the business world, either, with Barry apparently hoping for Jonathon to join the family business, and Jonathon wishing to branch out on his own, which he did with financial help from his father. Emails between the two in 2017 cite Barry discussing Jonathon’s “unwillingness and apparent disinterest” over the years in Apotex, the company Barry founded.  

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Regardless, the deaths of the elder has raised rifts in the family that are going to be difficult, if not impossible, to mend. Jonathon said that he is mostly distraught because one of his three sisters has become convinced that he had something to do with his parents’ murders and is not speaking to him anymore. 

Following the discovery of his parents’ bodies in their Toronto mansion, he revealed that it was actually him who called for a private investigation team to get an independent pathologist to do a second set of autopsies to make sure the deaths were homicidal and not of any other cause.  

The interview with Jonathon Sherman was conducted with the Toronto Star