A noted who has spent years studying the connection between the movie industry and the intelligence community has come out and said that there is something -like about Angelina Jolie and that the actress possibly has ties with the CIA. 

Tom Secker — a British journalist who has has written books on national security as well as helms podcasts on Hollywood, propaganda, censorship and the history of terrorism — said he thinks that , a noted humanitarian, matches up well as a famous face recruited by the intelligence community sometime in the 2000s.

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“She has had this very long-standing relationship with the CIA,” said Secker. “Over the past 10 years, especially, she has somehow inveigled herself into this world of geopolitics and international relations, in the way an intelligence asset would. Exactly the sort of person the CIA would want.” 

He continued, “She has a willingness to engage in covert operations, and we know the CIA has had relationships with very public figures in the past. If we’re looking for someone in the present day who fits that profile, is the prime candidate.” 


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If that sounds too out there for most Americans to swallow, Secker has said he doesn’t think Jolie is an actual officer of the agency, but more likely a publicity figure: “I think somewhere along the line in the 2000s she was in effect recruited as some kind of PR asset.”

At any rate, “Something is going on,” he claimed. 

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In 2018, a prominent Venezuelan politician flat-out accused her of being a CIA agent when she visited Peru with the United Nations to meet with Venezuelan migrants, stating she was sent to “cover up the Central American exodus to the United States.” 

That’s in addition to visiting other global hotspots such as Syria (where she was branded the “face of CIA’s war politics” by a Turkish parliamentarian), and she’s also had more than one meeting with disgraced former CIA Director David Petraeus

Jolie’s own words on the matter? She says it’s simply not a lifestyle she could maintain: “I couldn’t keep a secret life because it is just not natural to me and my family,” she told AFP in 2010. 

The news was first reported in the February 1 print issue of In Touch