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“My Lil Brother Baby Ceo Has Passed Away Please Pray For Our Family!! Why God,” the rapper’s older brother wrote on Twitter. 

“You Just Had A Baby Lil Brother. I Promise We Got Yo Son For Life,” he added as Baby Ceo and his girlfriend welcomed their first child in November 2020.

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His brother alleged that an unnamed friend of his killed the young musician and BabyPlay who was Baby CEO’s producer and friend said that he was on Tuesday, January 19, and did not overdose amid rumors of drugs being involved in his untimely death.  

“My lil bro was not on no kind of b******t a** drugs,” he said. 

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A source confirmed to WMC that Baby Ceo died in a shooting incident in Frayser, TN. 

According to the outlet, Memphis police responded to the scene at approximately 10 p.m where he was pronounced .

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Baby Ceo, whose real name was Jonathan Brown, was taken under the wing of Fredo Santana who passed away on January 19, 2018, in his early teens. 

Santana was rushed to the hospital in 2017 with kidney and liver failure caused by drinking lean which is said to be made from cough syrup, soft drink and hard candy and died months later of a seizure. 

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Fans took to social media to mourn the loss of the rapper.

“dang remember listening to you when you was young shawty,” one user commented under Baby Ceo’s most recent Instagram post. 

“damn bra I love u,” another wrote. 

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“You and your family is in my prayers sending love and condolences,” one user wrote on Twitter. 

“Damn man the good always go young,” another pointed out. 

“He wit fredo now,” a third fan noted. 

The rapper had also adopted the new name Big Ceo when releasing new music.

Baby Ceo garnered fame when he was only 14-years-old when he posted songs about a violent lifestyle on social media. 

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The rapper’s track “FCK DA OPPZ” was listened to over 1.2 million times after it’s 2015 release and was known for hits such as “Can’t Wait,” “Lifestory,” and “Reach.”

We’re thinking of Brown’s family at this difficult time.