An 18-year-old boy has tragically died after he COVID-19 twice. 

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Wilber Portillo from Denver, Colo., passed away after another bout with the illness, his family and friends said.

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Portillo first tested positive for the virus in the first week of October and then the second positive COVID-19 test came back after he passed away.

The teen went to the doctor on November 18, and was told he had a strong infection in his lungs. Portillo went to sleep that night and never woke up.

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“It was devastating not being able to be there for him and support him as much as I could,” Ferrel said.  

“I was very worried I didn’t hear from him the next morning.”

According to Ferrel, her boyfriend thought he was immune from catching COVID-19 again after he recovered but was still socially responsible and quarantined for four weeks but was sick again within a week. 

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“Just because you’re young you aren’t immune to it and even though we see more cases with older people and people with health conditions and even people without health conditions. It’s important that you stay home,” Ferrel warned.  

Portillo first got COVID-19 when he went on a business trip to Los Angeles after the CEC Early College graduate launched an online sporting goods retailer he called My Journey My Success.

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“It’s a little bit difficult to know that he doesn’t exist physically anymore,” his uncle Oscar Castillo told Denverite. “He was a guy with a lot of light.” According to Castillo, his nephew tested negative for the virus after the first he had it and then came down with a fever after he attended a party. 

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“It just took us by surprise how it happened,” Castillo lamented. “We will never find out what caused his death.”

A GoFundMe was set up to raise funds to transfer Portillo’s remains to his parents in El Salvador and called the death “an unexpected loss for all of us.”

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“On behalf of Wilbers family, we want you to remember him for the happy soul he was. His family and friends know that Wilber had a positive outlook on life,” the fundraiser’s description read.

“If there’s anything we would like for you to remember Wilber by is, BE THE BEST YOU. This was his motto, be the best you, live life to the fullest. We also hope to seek awareness that COVID-19 is to be taken serious. No matter how young or healthy you may seem.”

The GoFundMe raised $13,624 in total. 

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Little is known about how long immunity lasts after testing positive for COVID-19 but the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention states that while COVID-19 reinfections have been reported they are rare. 

According to NCB, over 400,000 people have died from COVID-19 in the U.S. since the first confirmed case last year. 

We’re thinking of Portillo’s family at this difficult time.