Singer Willow Smith opened up about a socially awkward moment that blew her away — literally! revealed she once while out with a potential love interest while speaking with mom Jada Pinkett Smith and grandmother Adrienne Banfield-Norris on Talk.

“I had met this person before. We were having a very good and he made me laugh really hard,” the 20-year-old explained of the situation. “That was the outcome. He just looked at me, and there was a moment of both of us realizing what had happened. And we both started cracking up even more.”


Despite the little bump in the road, it didn’t stop the star from scoring a second date!  “A little fart can’t mess this up,” she quipped to her co-hosts. While Smith kept the identity of her date hidden, she did invite her rumored boyfriend, 22-year-old Tyler Cole, onto the show in October.

Pinkett Smith introduced Cole as a “close family friend” and said he was “extremely passionate about today’s RTT so we had to have him at the table.” Cole — who is in the band The Anxiety with — joined the show to discuss the importance of voting and shared his concern for Black artists in the music industry.

“I feel like a huge dilemma for us as Black people is that the media and the industry wants to see us in a certain light,” Smith’s rumored beau explained at the time. “In the music industry, you’re taught that oh, if you’re Black and you rap about violence and money that’s going to make you more money.” The musician also said he thinks labels are more likely to sign a black artist if they are talking about violence over other topics.


In March, Smith and Cole collaborated for a 24-hour performance-art event at the Museum of Contemporary Art’s Geffen Contemporary where they remained inside of a glass box together. 

Despite her rumored relationship, Will Smith‘s daughter previously opened up about her unconventional thoughts regarding polyamorous relationships and monogamy while on the Facebook Watch show. “That feeling of you’re my one and my only. There’s no one else; for me, that would not work,” the young activist said. “Monogamy, I feel, actually inhibits you from learning those skills of evolving past those feelings of insecurity and jealousy.”

She continued: “I love men and women equally. I’d want one man, one woman. I feel like I could be polyfidelitous [in a committed relationship with multiple people] with those two people. I’m not the kind of person that is constantly looking for new sexual experiences.”