Chelsea Handler had an interesting present in mind for her followers when she took to her Instagram page and posted a series of of herself.

The former talk show host gave fans an eyeful as she flaunted her perky assets, using nothing but red and green pasties to cover up her nipples while posing up a storm with her adorable two in an inflatable boat.

The photos were captured in the 45-year-old’s pool out in Whistler, Canada, where she clearly appeared to be having the time of her life.


‘Merry Christmas to one and all! Love, , Bert & Bernice,” the 45-year-old captioned the gallery of photos.

And if that wasn’t enough, also accompanied her photos with a video of her flailing her arms and asking fans whether they were ready for the new year, before her right pasty pops off, leading her to quip: “Somebody is.”

This isn’t the first time that the Are You There Vodka? It’s Me Chelsea author has shared topless content of herself on social media, having paraded her breasts to show off her “I Voted” stickers after voting in the 2020 Election back in November.

In the revealing video clip, Handler said: “I have voted! And I want to make sure that you are voting today too.

“Please do not let anyone intimidate you on voting lines…I know it can be intimidating when people have guns in the state of Michigan which is ridiculous…

“My apologies to my nieces and nephews,” she concluded.

Handler caused controversy earlier this week after it was revealed she had taken a flight from Los Angeles to Canada amid California’s stay-at-home order, with COVID-19 cases continuing to surge.

What people didn’t know was that she’d left her home due to work commitments — not because she was carelessly trying to be insensitive to the world crisis.


Handler then took it upon herself to defend her decision for leaving the country during a pandemic by sharing her thoughts on her Instagram Story.

“Getting a lot of very violent messages, and I would like everyone to know that I am indeed quarantining for the full 14 days and happy to do it.

“So don’t think I’m bending rules. I’m not. I’m quarantining and I’m here for work on top of it. So, suck on that, f**kers.”

Handler shared in an interview with Forbes last week that at the start of the pandemic, she had found herself turning to recreational drugs to cope with the long periods of isolation with little to no physical contact with family and friends.

“I think I was treating COVID like it was going to be spring break, you know? Once I realized it was gonna go on for months, I was like ‘Well, I can’t be tripping for the rest of my life. I better get my shit together.’”

The comedian also told the publication how she’s been working on her Evolution Kit bundle of cannabis products in partnership with Sweet Flower, which ties in with her HBO Max comedy special, Evolution.

“I feel like the cannabis relaxed me enough to really start getting creative again and to walk back to stand-up.”