demands answers! Tayshia Adams got engaged to on the season finale of The Bachelorette on Tuesday, December 22, but since there wasn’t an After the Final Rose segment, people want to know where and Clark stand today.

According to Reality Steve, the two should still be together. “I highly doubt they’ve called off their engagement some time in the last 3 months. So if you’re asking me what I think happens tonight, there’s your answer. Picked Zac, engaged, and still engaged to this day,” he wrote. “Just wish I could’ve been more confident all season to have been telling you that.”

It would be surprising if the couple split — especially since the 30-year-old dropped a few hints about her romance with Clark, 36, on The Ellen DeGeneres Show earlier this month.


While speaking with the talk show host, Adams revealed which one of her men was “future husband material.”

“All of them, but probably Zac,” the leading lady noted.

“So, you end up with Zac?” Ellen DeGeneres, 62, asked. However, Adams played coy. “Like no, there are a lot of guys there,” she replied.

“I’m saying that you had multiple answers for the best kisser. You only had one answer for future husband material,” the comedian added. “So, if you did pick somebody else, you are really in trouble when this airs.”

Adams was also spotted with a diamond ring on her left hand, but she brushed off any rumors about the jewelry.  “All I have to say is, I’m the type of girl — yeah, I see you pointing at what you’re looking at. If I want to drink my coffee with diamonds on my finger, I am going to do that,” she said. “I wear diamonds all the time!”


The brunette babe also “liked” a tweet from a fan that said, “I love Zac.”

During the finale, the addiction specialist got down on his knee and professed his love for Adams. “I came here because I was supposed to meet you. I came here because I was supposed to fall in love with you. From our first kiss, to riding the ferris wheel, to meeting each other’s families, nothing has ever felt so right my entire life. You’ve helped me experience the love that I didn’t know existed, and you’ve made me smile more than anyone has ever made me smile. I love you, ,” he shared.

For her part, Adams said: “It’s this wild, wild love that I have tried to come up with so many reasons to not believe and you have truly made me believe that there doesn’t have to be flaws and I deserve a love with a man that doesn’t run away. And yes, it is real, and I feel it too. But also, I love you, Zac Clark, and I would do absolutely anything to keep that huge smile on your face because you do everything to keep a smile on mine.”

Now, make it Instagram official, you two!