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As Halloween approaches online streaming platforms will ramp up their horror offerings. We’ll send you weekly picks of the best horror across streaming services if you’re subscribed to our newsletter, but here’s a heads up for what Netflix will be adding this month. Consider making a horror bucket list for October and scheduling time to make sure you get to catch all your old favs as well as some new originals that will be added this month:

October 1


Oktoberfest: Beer & Blood (Netflix Original) — A period horror movie about a brutal beer hall owner who seeks to dominate the competition at any cost.

Along Came a Spider — Classic thriller about the daughter of a US senator who is kidnapped from an exclusive boarding school.

House of 1000 Corpses

House of 1,000 Corpses — Rob Zombie’s beloved take on a group of sadistic criminals.

We Have Always Lived in the Castle (2018) — Shirley Jackson adaptation starring American Horror Story‘s Taissa Farmiga.

October 2

Vampires vs. The Bronx

Vampires vs. the Bronx (Netflix Original) — A group of neighborhood teens take on vampires.

October 7

Hubie Halloween (Netflix Original) — Adam Sandler takes a stab at horror comedy.

October 9

The Haunting of Bly Manor

The Haunting of Bly Manor (Netflix Original) — Season 2 of the fan favorite Netflix Original The Haunting of Hill House.

October 16


Unfriended — A great Zoom horror movie to get you freaked out for conference calls during Covid.

October 18


ParaNorman — Family friendly Halloween fun.

October 19

Unsolved Mysteries

Unsolved Mysteries: Volume 2 (Netflix Original) — Season 2 of one of the greatest shows of all time. RIP Robert Stack.

October 22

Cadaver (Netflix Original) — Insane looking subtitled flick about the world created after a nuclear fallout where one family attends a sketchy play in exchange for food. Then the audience members begin to disappear.

October 28

Nobody Sleeps in the Woods Tonight (Netflix Original) — Polish slasher film about a group of kids on a retreat from technology at a camp in the woods.

LAST CHANCE: What’s leaving Netflix this month

Cult of Chucky

Truth or Dare


The Silence of the Lambs

Sleepy Hollow


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We’re in the home stretch, the days are getting darker and there’s only 35 days until Halloween. Stock up on your favorite candy and spend the weekend quarantining with as many scary movies as you can. Until next week, STAY SPOOKY.

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