Moira was about to share some exciting news with fellow cast members when, with a stroke of bad luck, she misstepped and hurt her knee. She downplayed the pain by casting a broad smile before allowing a fellow Islander to pick her up. 

Some fans have taken it to Twitter to send their well-wishes to the star. Others, however, have expressed doubt over Moira’s ability to injure herself by performing a relatively subtle and less out-there dance move. 

“Awww I wish her to get better people wish Moira some love,” wrote a fan. 

“#LoveIslandUSA I cant believe Moira really sprained her knee from that little dance move,” tweeted another person. 

“Lol how many bones would Moira have broken if she did the car wash??? Sis hurt her knee with one dance move  #LoveIslandUSA,” opined somebody else. 

It’s uncertain what the injury entails. Moira has been rocking a knee brace and crutches for the last few episodes of Love Island USA. 

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