At only 17, Marco started his account in September 2019, making his account only a year old. Within that year, though, he’s grown to have a fan base of three million followers on TikTok alone, making videos almost daily. In that time, the NYC-based creator’s videos have received more than 200 million likes.

His username @polo.boyy is a play on his name, like Marco Polo, and he’s carried this brand to other social media sites like Instagram and Twitter.

Much of Marco’s content consists of short skits and typical lip-syncing videos, though his fan base mostly knows him for his “Simp Nation” videos.

A “Simp” is another word to describe a guy who does nice things for a girl, expecting to receive some romantic or sexual gratification in turn. The term “simp” was originally used by the group Men Going Their Own Way, an anti-feminist organization.

Much of Marco’s original content focuses on this demographic, and even on his most recent videos, his followers will ask for more Simp Nation content. However, some of his Simp Nation content has not been well received, and coupled with some of his other negative comments about women, some wanted him canceled.

Marco is also a member of two different TikTok houses, the OT House made up of TikTokers based in New York City, and the University of Diversity, aimed at diversifying creator collectives.

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