In the months following Bryce’s breakup from Elle, he started doing TikTok and YouTube collaborations with fellow star Addison Rae Easterling, which he even said were “couple-ish” in the description for one video. 

A month later, Bryce went on FaZe Banks and KEEMSTAR’s podcast Mom’s Basement, where the host asked him who he was currently seeing.

“I’m not dating anybody,” he began. “I’m like single, but … You just want me to say it. I’m seeing Addison. I’m not like old me, where I was just going around. I settled down a little bit. A lot a bit.” 

“We’re testing the waters. We were kind of a thing, back in November. We were busy, super busy. And then quarantine happened. Less busy. That’s all … It’s hard to find somebody out in L.A., especially.”

While it seems that they weren’t officially dating when Bryce said they were “testing the waters,” it appears that whatever was blossoming has officially been shut down. In late August, both Bryce and Addison tweeted out that they were very single. 

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