At the end of August, a tweet alleged that Jay Cutler and Tomi Lahren were spotted hanging out in Nashville, Tenn., where Jay lives. It seems that the rumor that they were hanging out together came after eagle-eyed fans spotted that Tomi had popped up in the comments of Jay’s Instagram page.

A week earlier, on Aug. 21, Jay posted a video to his social platform saying that he had spent two weeks watching Paramount Network’s series Yellowstone and “at the end of it, the only logical thing I could do was … ” he said before showing off some baby cows it seemed like he had brought home. 

On this video posted, Tomi left a comment from her official Instagram account. All she wrote was, “Yessss,” but it caught a lot of attention. On her small comment, over 40 comments replied to it discussing their rumored relationship. 

There were lots of people commenting that the two would be a good matching, and others who appeared to be very much against it. 

E! News was contacted by two sources in regards to the rumors. One source claims that Tomi and Jay were seen at Winners Bar in Nashville, alongside friends, where they took tequila shots and ultimately left the bar together. However, the second source says that they are “just friends.”

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