Yup, in countries where movie theaters are open, Mulan is showing. Mulan‘s premiere date in China is September 11, while Malaysia and Singapore get it today. Mulan will be premiering in movie theaters in other countries outside of Asia, including Turkey, Hungary, Russia, Ukraine, and Poland. Unfortunately, due to travel restrictions, you won’t be able to fly across the country to watch Mulan in theaters, if that’s something you were thinking of doing. So far, there have been no plans to one day release Mulan in theaters in the U.S. – but plans change all the time, as we’re learned.

Disney+ has really been our quarantine hero these last few months. By giving us Hamilton (for free!) as well as Disney Plus Party, it’s felt a little less lonely at home. If you’re wondering what Disney Plus Party is, know that it’s an add-on feature to let you watch a movie or show with your friends…from afar. It’s similar to other “party” features Netflix and Facebook already offered, but now Disney is providing it. 

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