For as long as TikTok continues to exist, there will undoubtedly be new TikTok dances that go viral — and we’ll keep writing about ‘em! Even though they’re not the most complicated things in the world, you can’t deny that there’s something kind of addictive about watching people perform various TikTok dances. And admit it: You’ve attempted doing some of the dances yourself, even if you were too chicken to upload a video.

What is the Chicken Wing Dance on TikTok?

As with most viral TikTok dances, the Chicken Wing Dance is inextricably linked to a specific TikTok sound. In this case, it’s “The Chicken Wing Beat.” As a matter of fact, this particular sound has been slowly gaining popularity for a few months now, perhaps because of its simple yet earworm-y lyrics: “Chicken wing, chicken wing, hot dog and bologna, chicken and macaroni, chillin’ with my homies.” 

The song has been used on all types of TikTok videos, but it didn’t have an official dance associated with it until recently. Actually, it appears that two different (yet somewhat similar) dances were created for it at around the same time. The earliest example comes from TikTok user @dancebaybeedance aka Stephinee Guerrero. She uploaded a video of her own Chicken Wing Dance on Aug. 1:

Shortly after that, another TikTok user known as @lexibb69 created another Chicken Wing Dance. In her video, she claims that she came up with the dance on the spot. She has also performed the dance in several public places, including Costco, Starbucks, and Target.

Due to the mysterious TikTok algorithm, @lexibb69’s version of the dance seems to have really rocketed into virality even though @dancebaybeedance posted her own Chicken Wing Dance video first. There was definitely some drama in the comment sections of both creators’ videos with people defending both of them. At this point, they have each clarified that they just happened to come up with dances to the same song around the same time — no one “copied” anyone, and no one’s feelings are hurt.

Anyway, at this point, millions of people have seen @lexibb69’s Chicken Wing Dance, and it has quickly become one of the newest must-do dances. Sure, the likes of Charli D’Amelio and Addison Rae still have yet to perform the Chicken Wing Dance (the true mark of TikTok virality), but we’re certainly not ruling it out as a possibility!

As you can see from the videos, the dance isn’t exactly complicated, but that’s probably part of why so many people enjoy it! Just be aware of the fact that if you spend too much time watching Chicken Wing Dance videos, you will get that song stuck in your head, and you will not be able to get it out for a while.

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