David has just one daughter, 9-year-old Dessa Blaine, with his ex, French actress and model Alizée Guinochet. And although David sees his daughter often, she does spend the majority of her time in Paris with her mother. Still, David has been able to give his daughter a front row seat to his particular brand of magic over the years. And, he told USA Today in an April 2020 interview, he is already impressed by her skills.

“When she was little, I could do magic while holding her, and when she was four she just started doing magic to me,” he said. “She took my cards and went, ‘Pick a card. Don’t show it!’ And it was really good!”

Though it’s still too early to tell if she will indeed become a stunt magician like her father, Dessa seems to have developed her own knack for tricks and with a dad like David Blaine, that’s the first step.

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